sports physicals

Sports physicals serve as a foundation to safety and health during physical activity. By getting periodic sports physicals – especially before beginning a new sport or fitness routine – you can verify that you are in good health and assess your overall fitness level. Sports physicals are also helpful for identifying underlying conditions that could serve as a predisposition to injury.


Yes. Even the healthiest of athletes need sports physicals before beginning new fitness routines or starting a new sport. Most U.S. states, schools and colleges require sports physicals for participation in sports from year to year. However, anyone of any age beginning strenuous activity of any kind should see a doctor first.

Your sports physical will include an assessment of your height, weight, flexibility and musculoskeletal health. You’ll also undergo screenings to measure your eyesight and how it coordinates with other parts of your body, such as the hands and feet. Finally, you’ll undergo a cardiovascular evaluation that measures your blood pressure and heart rate. If any problems are detected, you’ll be notified and a recommendation for treatment will be made.

Possibly. If your doctor discovers an underlying condition that could interfere with your ability to participate in sports or other activities, you may need to follow special recommendations to minimize your chances of injury or health complications.

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